Wednesday, 19 March 2014

Here Comes The Bride

This afghan is something I have been working on for the last five to six weeks in my spare time. It is going to be a gift for a good friend of mine who is getting married next Saturday, March 22nd. I am really looking forward to the wedding even though I have to do a reading at the mass and I really hope she likes the gift.

The yarn used is Stylecraft Special Chunky 
in Meadow, Denim, Parchment and Lipstick.......
I buy all my yarns from Kathleen @ The Little Wool Shop
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It is growing slowly but surely.

I didn't have a pattern to follow...I just winged it.

I really like how the flowers are three dimensional and appear to rise above the rest of the afghan even though they form the centre of the granny squares and are not an addition on top of the squares.

It took me a couple of weeks to make the 14 granny squares and the 14 flower squares......I really do not like when I have to do something that is repetitive.....What can I say? I bore easily :-)

Nearing the end I decided to crochet a few rows of dc1 ch1 to add a bit of variety to the border section and also to reduce the weight as it was getting quite heavy.

 Finally there.....just a few loose threads to sew in......Very pleased with the result.


  1. Nana's Crochet Crestions27 March 2014 at 14:46

    That is beautiful! I love the style of it and the colors you used! Lots of work, your coworker is lucky to get this. :)

    1. Thank you so much for your comment.......The pattern is just something I made up as I went along and the yarn used is Stylecraft chunky in Denim, Meadow, Lipstick and Parchment.

  2. Hi John just found your blog via pinterest. I love this blanket as I have told you many times!! Also all of your other work is just gorgeous.xx