Monday, 24 March 2014

Little Star

I have started working on a new twelve pointed ripple style afghan for a work colleague who is due to give birth to her second child this week. I'm a typical man and tried it without ever looking at a pattern (TWICE) and made a pig's ear of it both times, so I decided there was only one man to show me the error of my ways - and that man is Mikey from The Crochet Crowd. He does the best video tutorials and walks you through every step required to get excellent results. Here is my progress so far:

The start of the twelve points are begining to show.

I have used a 4.5mm hook with DK baby yarn that had lost it's band so I cannot identify the brand.......anyhow it is wokring up quite well and I am pleased with my progress so far. I have completed ten rows (4 circular and 6 pointed) and it now measures 29.5cm / 11.5 inches from point to point.

This is a very easy pattern and once you have completed row six it's plain sailing all the way.....after that you just keep increasing until you have achieved your desired dimensions.

You can find a YouTube video tutorial hosted by the talented Mikey here.


Rebecca gave birth a couple of days ago to a beautiful bouncing baby boy called Rory who weighed in at 9lbs 8oz. I had better get this project finished before I go and visit them both tomorrow.

I have added some blue to the star afghan and I also used back post dc to give a raised stitch where I used the blue. It just adds a bit of texture.

To go to a video link on how to back post double crochet then CLICK HERE where Mikey from The Crochet Crowd will guide you through the steps.

I also made two little hats for Rory while I had some spare time on my hands the other day, one in white and the other in the same blue yarn as used in the afghan.

I don't have a pattern for these hats as they were something I tried from an online pattern months ago and it just stuck in my head so I made them from memory.....and as I don't know anything about the size of baby's heads I made two different sizes just in case the first was too small. All I need to do is sew in the tails and I'm done.

It is now almost 2am on April 1st and it's time for bed......The afghan has now reached 28 rounds and measures 31 inches / 79cm in diameter from point to point. I will continue to 40 rounds and see how it is....Maybe that will be enough......Watch this space.


  1. love it, might have to have a go at that one day!!

    1. It really is very easy Pauline, give it a shot, you will not be disappointed with the results.