Tuesday, 15 April 2014

CAL Block a week challenge.

I came across a facebook page called Official CCC Social Group a couple of months back who are doing a Crochet Along (CAL) block a week challenge and decided I would join in when I finished all my WIP's, but as we all know there is always another WIP waiting on the sideline.

For the un-initiated what happens in a CAL is you are given a link to a pattern each week for a set number of weeks. The object is to complete each pattern and join your completed squares together at the end, do a border around the outside, and you have a completed afghan made up of all different squares. And by joining a group like The Official CCC Social Group you will meet like-minded people with similar interests who will inspire and help you should you get stuck on any pattern. Like a lot of people I didn't start at the begining and I am now playing catch up.......but I will get there in the end. Why not join me?

Last week I was in with Kathleen in The Little Wool Shop buying some yarn for my Spring Ponchos and I picked up one ball of King Cole Bamboo Cotton to have just in case I decided to start the CAL.

Of course the devil got the better of me yesterday and instead of doing my poncho's I started my blocks. I hasten to add that I have finished the ball of cotton and have weeks one, two and part of three complete and didn't even do a single stitch on the Poncho's which I need for this Saturday coming. Typical!

I have decided to do my CAL all in cream so it will be timeless and co-ordinate with any decor in the future. Where possible I have amended the  patterns and used used the back loop on certain rows to give a bit of texture where there are just ordinary stitches so as to make up for the lack of interest or changing of colour.

Here are some pics with links to the relevant pattern.

Blocking required and ends need sewing in.

 Detail of where I used the back loop.

Week 2 Popcorn Parade
CLICK HERE for a popcorn stitch video tutorial

Really enjoyed making this one......lots of variety in it.

Everybody loves popcorn :-)

Learning new stitches and techniques is always a good thing.

My drug of choice for this project.

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