Monday, 28 April 2014

Mandala Madness

I have recently been seeing a lot of Mandala designs popping up on all the crochet pages and on Pinterest, and of course I had to get in on the act......but instead of following someone else's pattern I decided to make my own.

Having never made a mandala before I thought it should be simple enough,and it was fairly simple.I have used a variety of stitches while making it to add a bit of interest and I'm quite happy with the end here is the tricky bit!

Being slightly over ambitious when it comes to my creativity I had to go one step further and try to write the pattern for the mandala. This was not as simple as the hooking. As I have only been hooking for the last seven months, so sometimes reading a pattern can prove difficult, never mind writing one but we all have to start somewhere.......I am going to dedicate all day tomorrow making another as I now have a fixed idea of colours I want to use in certain areas and I also want to change a few stitches and see what happens.

I have a couple of testers lined up to try out the pattern before I inflict it on the public so please bear with me while I do the fine tuning and have it tested for errors.

Here are the two I have made so far. The finished size is 36.5cm in diameter. Hope you all like them.


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