Friday, 11 April 2014

Spring Poncho

I went to visit my friend Kathleen at The Little Wool Shop to get some yarn to continue my Ripple Blanket but one of the colours was out of stock so I decided I was going to make poncho's for my friends two daughters instead of giving them easter eggs next week. I came away with three colours of yarn and started experimenting.

The yarn used is:
Stylecraft Special DK No 1241   Fondant
Stylecraft Special DK No 1130   Candyfloss
Stylecraft Special DK No 1084   Magenta

These are really girly colours for two girly girls.

I have never attempted a poncho before so I am keeping it simple with an ordinary granny square design and I am alternating the colours to give some variety. I will write the pattern for this when I am finished should anyone wish to try it later.

Here is the end result and some pics along the way.

Having worked a twelve hour night shift last night, I am quite pleased to get a few rows done since I got up earlier. I love the way the colours are working together. I'm very pleased so far.

Lots of options going through my head about how to finish the top and bottom of the poncho.....I think a little bit of experimentation lies ahead

Here are a couple of todays pics.

It is now Good Friday and I have finally finished the first of the two poncho's. The second one is complete just to sew in the loose tails and attach the flower. I know they say that self praise is no praise but I am very happy with the results, taking into account that there was no pattern and I just winged it. Here are some pics of the final results.

Just a simple edging in white to keep it fresh.

A beautiful flower to finish it off.
For the flower pattern CLICK HERE
The site is in Norwegian but there are some detailed pics which are quite easy to follow.

Here is how I did it.......please forgive me because I'm no pattern writer.....hope it makes sense.

 I started with ch96 (for a 5yr old) 
and ch80 (for 2yr old),

Row 1 - dc into each ch st. 

Row 2 3dc into first st, ch2, 3dc into same st (Back Point), ch1 ( Skip 3st, 3dc in next st, ch 1 and repeat until half way round) 3dc into first st, ch2, 3dc into same st (Front Point) Skip 3st, 3dc in next st, ch 1 and repeat until back to the begining......

Basically it is just like a granny square after that except it has only two corners (front and back points) instead of 4. Continue until it's as big as you need.....

The border is only sc into each ch sp, ch4, repeat all the way round then 7sc into each ch4 space.

Hope you have fun making your own.

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