Monday, 23 June 2014

Mandala in Bloom

Well the day has finally come and Mandala in Bloom is well and truly blooming.
It took a few months to get here but today was the day it finally happened and Mandala In Bloom got itself published and was sent on it's way on the world wide web. 

It was all new to me when I started on this journey, I knew very little about crochet, only that I enjoyed it, found it to be relaxing and I was quickly becoming quite good at it. I could sit for hours, playing, experimenting and trying different things, all the while staying off the cigarettes which was the reason I started crocheting in the first place. 

 I started to keep notes on what I had done while hooking away, just for my own records really...nothing else, but when I posted a picture of the finished mandala online, people started conmmenting on it in a very positive way and asking if there was a pattern available. Of course there wasn't......but now there is.

A lady I met through a fabebook group invited me to join a private group dedicated to designers and testers where we can swap ideas and help each other develop patterns. And this is where the real education began.

I requested five testers who would be able to test and deliver photos of their finished mandala within a two week period. During the testing period we were in contact continuously where they would make suggestions or say where they were having difficulty with my terminology. Lets jusy say if I were writing a book on nuclear physics......there would have been a lot of explosions.

Some of the testers would post pics of their progress as it happened while others waited until the end. The same applied to notes, some sent suggested amendments during the process and others at the end. I learned very quickly that different people have different interpretations of what you are trying to convey. (this is where it would have helped if I had known a little more about the process of crochet pattern writing before I started) and it caused some confusion at times, but we got there in the end.

I must say I really enjoyed the whole process and I will definitely do it again......Only this time I will not be progressing to the next round until the one I am working on has been written down in the most minute detail and photographed until it's colour is fading from the flash :-)

I hope you enjoy the photographs, some are mine, some are from the testers. 
I would like to express my gratitude to my testers. They were an absolutely wonderful team and a pleasure to work with. Without you all I would not be writing this post.....Thank you al again. xxx


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