Thursday, 10 July 2014

Rainbow Round Ripple

As with most crafters we rarely make anything for ourselves so while on a weeks holiday from work I decided to rectify this by making myself a Rainbow Round Ripple blanket. I have wanted to make one of these for a very long time but I rarely have a minute to myself so it was always one of those 'some day' projects.  

I have always known that it was going to be rainbow colours to reflect my gay pride but also to give a real pop of colour in my otherwise magnolia apartment. 

The pattern I used is the Spectrum Afghan pattern from The Crochet Crowd on YouTube. The first four rounds are just a simple circle with increases on each round, round five begins the forming of the ripples. Round six is the first round that shows you the pattern you follow for the rest of the blanket. 

It really is a pattern that you can do in your sleep once you get the hang of it. The only concentration required is to keep track of which rounds to increase your stitches on. Different patterns give different suggestions for increasing when making a round ripple but I found increasing on two rounds out of three worked for me. (On the points of the 'increase' rounds use 2dc ch2 2dc into the chain space on the previous round and on the 'no increase' round you use 1dc ch2 1dc in the chain space of the previous round.

It is very pleasing to see the stars forming as this blanket grows, each band of colour adding another dimension to an already interesting shape. I decided from the outset that I was going to use two strands of yarn (Stylecraft Special DK for all colours except one of the greens) and a 7mm cochet hook. The reason for using two strands was so I could blend the colours by using one strand of the previous solid band colour and one strand of the next solid band colour.

When I added the strong green colour (shown above), I wasn't quite sure if it would work with the previous shade, simply because there was such a strong contrast between them. To reassure myself and to get the opinion of others I posted a pic on The Creative Crochet Crew Facebook Page and on The Official CCC Social Group Facebook Page asking for advice. On both pages the general consensus was to go with it and reserve judgement until I had a few more rounds done. I am so glad I did because that colour is one of the round that really pops and adds impact when you see it.

I love how the yellow and dark green rounds stand out and give impact to the blanket.

My favourites of all the colours, the aqua, turquoise and blue!

The finished product takes pride of place in an otherwise bland interior. I love it!

Here is a list of the yarns and colours used.

Rounds 1 & 2         Stylecraft Special DK - Matador (2 Strands)
Rounds 3 & 4         Stylecraft Special DK - Matador (1 Strand) Lipstick (1 Strand)
Rounds 5 & 6         Stylecraft Special DK - Lipstick (2 Strands)
Rounds 7 & 8         Stylecraft Special DK - Pomegranate (1 Strand) Lipstick (1 Strand)
Rounds 9 & 10       Stylecraft Special DK - Pomegranate (2 Strands)
Rounds 11 & 12      Stylecraft Special DK - Pomegranate (1 Strand) Shrimp (1 Strand)
Rounds 13 & 14      Stylecraft Special DK - Shrimp (2 Strands)
Rounds 15 & 16      Stylecraft Special DK - Shrimp (1 Strand) Saffron (1 Strand)
Rounds 17 & 18      Stylecraft Special DK - Saffron (2 Strands)
Rounds 19 & 20      Stylecraft Special DK - Saffron (1 Strand) Meadow (1 Strand)
Rounds 21 & 22      Stylecraft Special DK - Meadow (2 Strands)
Rounds 23 & 24      Stylecraft Special DK - Meadow (1 Strand) Green (1 Strand)
Rounds 25 & 26      Stylecraft Special DK - Green (2 Strands)
Rounds 27 & 28      Stylecraft Special DK - Green (1 Strand) King Cole Pricewise  - No 39 (1 Strand)
Rounds 29 & 30      King Cole Pricewise   - No 39 (2 Strands)
Rounds 31 & 32      Stylecraft Special DK - Aspen (1 Strand) King Cole Pricewise - No 39 (1 Strand)
Rounds 33 & 34      Stylecraft Special DK - Aspen (2 Strands)
Rounds 35 & 36      Stylecraft Special DK - Aspen (1 Strand) Turquoise (1 Strand)
Rounds 37 & 38      Stylecraft Special DK - Turquoise (2 Strands)
Rounds 39 & 40      Stylecraft Special DK - Turquoise (1 Strand) Royal (1 Strand)
Rounds 41 & 42      Stylecraft Special DK - Royal (2 Strands)
Rounds 43 & 44      Stylecraft Special DK - Cloud Blue (1 Strand) Royal (1 Strand)
Rounds 45 & 46      Stylecraft Special DK - Cloud Blue (2 Strands)
Rounds 47 & 48      Stylecraft Special DK - Cloud Blue (1 Strand) Wisteria (1 Strand)
Rounds 49 & 50      Stylecraft Special DK - Wisteria (2 Strands)
Rounds 51 & 52      Stylecraft Special DK - Wisteria (1 Strand) Grape (1 Strand)
Rounds 53 & 54      Stylecraft Special DK - Grape (2 Strands)
Rounds 55 & 56      Stylecraft Special DK - Grape (1 Strand) Emperor (1 Strand)
Rounds 57 & 58      Stylecraft Special DK - Emperor (2 Strands)

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Little Ripple

I have a thing for ripple patterned items at the moment. I can't explain what it is but suffice to say it is grabbing my attention with both hands. I spotted this post on Monkey BooBoo's blog this morning and just had to share it. Isn't this just so cute. Maybe it's the perfect quick project to try today
CLICK HERE for the free pattern.

Here is my one I finished today, complete with gingham buttons.