Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Road Tripping

I have really been neglecting this blog of late and it's  time to get back on track.....What better way to do this than to show you all my latest WIP's.

I came across the pattern for this Road Trip Scarp on the Official CCC facebook page where the very talented Ms Zelna Olivier was very kind to share her beautiful and simple design.

Have a look and see what you think.

I used King Cole Splash in Fireburst # 818 and a new sequined thread just in from King Cole called Cosmos to add a bit of sparkle. I think they really worked well together.

I decided to do the edging detail in plain black DK to compliment the black thread in the Cosmos but also to frame the coloured scarf. The embellishments which will be added later will also be in black. Watch this space!

I still have to add the embellishments to finish it off and I hope to have it completed later today. I will post some finished pics when I do.

As modelled by the lovely but rather camera shy Kathleen

My little tribute to the wonderful designer Ms Zelna Olivier (Zooty Owl)

I intend to show this to the beginners crochet class which I teach in The Little Wool Shop on Thursday evenings as a sample of something that they might like to try. I think it will be ideal as a first project for beginners to do and I will post some pics should any of them decide to give it a shot.

If you fancy having a go yourself you can find the pattern by using this LINKon Zelna's blog.

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