Thursday, 27 November 2014

Snowflake Season

Christmas season is fast arriving and what better excuse than that to make a few snowflakes to decorate your home. 
These are so easy and quick to make (less than 30 minutes each) that you will wonder why you ever bought shop made decorations. 

I used a 3mm hook and Giza Cotton DK from King Cole. I chose this yarn because it doesn't split when crocheting......always a bonus.

Giza is a mercerised Egyptian cotton with a lovely crisp white colour which is ideal  for this type of project.

One of the patterns shown here is a modified version of Snowcatchers Savanna Snowflake. The middle section is the same as shown in the original pattern but I tweaked the outer edges to suit myself.

I have never blocked or stiffened any projects that I have done in the past,
 so this was a new experience for me. I was very pleased with the results. 
I used a diluted PVA glue mixture to stiffen the snowflakes using one part PVA to one part water and applied with a clean paint brush.

To block the snowflakes I used a gardeners kneeling pad which I covered in plastic food wrap. This allowed the finished pieces to be easily removed once dried.

I think you will agree that the finished products are very pleasing to the eye and if stored properly they can be used for years to come. 

To see more inspirational patterns then check out Snowcatchers Snowflake Gallery.
Free crochet snowflake patterns on Pinterest.
why not experiment and design your own.

If you like the little snowmen in the pics why not have a look at Jeanette Everson's Facebook Page to see some of her wonderful and unique handmade ceramic will not be disappointed.

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