Tuesday, 20 January 2015

Spinning With Pride

I received a challenge from a fellow crocheter to make a seven coloured spiral crochet blanket.....Anybody who knows me will understand when I say 'CHALLENGE ACCEPTED'

She wanted it to have the rainbow colours of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet to represent the seven chakras of the body but when I see the rainbow colours I think of Gay Pride, hence the name....

Of course as usual I didn't want anything normal......NOOOOOOO........I wanted a circular blanket. 
As most crocheters will know from making hats you need to increase by one stitch per side per round 
e.g. a hat that starts with six stitches on round 1 will have 12 on round 2, and 18 on round three, etc. That sounds ok in theory but as the piece gets bigger you don't end up with a circle, you end up with a hexagon. How was I going to stagger the increases so they would form a perfect circle AND translate easily to a written pattern? This is where the challenge really came into play.....What started out as what looked like it would have been quite simple turned out to be far from it. 

Trying to work out the increases posed more problems than I had first expected. I hooked, frogged, hooked again, frogged again.etc etc. 
At times it looked like a fish bowl, and at other times it resembled a Mexican sombrero....As you can imagine neither of which was the desired effect. 

After weeks of trying to perfect it I admitted that I had been defeated by this one, boxed up the whole lot and stored it away. 

Weeks later while getting ready for a night away with my partner, I was in the shower. All of a sudden I had a eureka moment and I had the formula. While still showering I did some quick mathematical calculations in my head and realised this was going to work. 

I dried and finished dressing just as my lift arrived. I brought a pen and notebook with me on the car journey so I could put the pattern roughly down on paper before it disappeared or got confused in my head. 

On my return home I frogged everything I had already done and started afresh. Within minutes I could see it was going to work. It was laying flat and had a perfect circular shape. I was so pleased. Finally I had cracked it.

Over the next few days I kept adding to it and it continued to lay flat and circular. I originally worried that as it grew it would lose it's shape but it didn't. 
I contnued until it measured approximately 4 foot 6 inches / 1.4 metres.  

I am currently having it tested by a few friends to see if it works for them andif all is OK it will be released in the next few weeks.....WATCH THIS SPACE!

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