Wednesday, 25 March 2015

Deramores Blog Competition 2015

I was scouting around the net the other day and looked at one of my favourite blogs, Look At What I Made, which is the creative space of the very talented crocheter, Dedri Uys.

I have been following Dedri's work for quite a while now and I even have a crochet group in the local yarn shop who meet every thursday evening to make THE most fabulous design I have ever seen in crochet, Sophies Universe.

This week I spotted a competition being run by Deramores on her blog, in which she is one of the guest designers / judges who will be predicting the NEXT BIG THING in the world of yarn craft.

The six designers have each chosen a style which they predict could be the next major trend .

Click on the links below to see more about the categories to chose from and to learn more about the designer who has predicted the trend:
Large Granny Squares,
Crochet that looks like knitting,
Rainbow colours,
Ombre yarn craft,
& Knitting without needles.

You can enter into as many categories as you wish and you are only limited by your imagination.
For a set of rules to enter just CLICK HERE

Lets get those creative juices flowing and see what we can come up with!